Metro Pittsburgh’s Best Neighborhoods and Towns

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods Ranked and Rated by an Urban Planner

Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods were shaped by many influences, the hills of western Pennsylvania being chief among them. Whereby most cities grew up on a grid street system, Pittsburgh had to twist and turn through the many valleys and hollows of the region. Best described as a city of villages, a person could reside in one of Pittsburgh’s many diverse neighborhoods and have little need to traverse to another. Yeah, there are some suburbs like Cranberry and Robinson if you prefer that sort of thing, but what makes Pittsburgh’s urban environment unique is most of our neighborhoods have a traditional, walkable neighborhood center – Main Streets – with shops, restaurants, and mixed land uses all with their own distinct vibe.

The city of Pittsburgh defines 90 distinct neighborhoods within the city, but there are great neighborhoods outside of Pittsburgh city limits among the numerous boroughs and townships that help to create the metro. Pittsburgh Planner aims to eventually rank them all. More neighborhoods and towns are added all the time and the overall rankings change as a result.