Pittsburgh Planner

Mike Tedesco, Pittsburgh Planner
Meet Mr. July in the 2019 New York City Fireman’s Calendar.

Mike Tedesco’s rippling pecs of steel are so shapely a new branch of geometry was launched because of them. Every year, contestants for Mr. Universe call Tedesco to thank him for not entering the pageant. Indeed, capable of twirling far more than batons, Tedesco actually does have the solution that provides world peace.

Petitions have been filed to change the phrase “Jack of all trades” to “Tedesco of all trades.” Renaissance men study his every move. He’s washed the feet of lepers in New Delhi, saved orphans in Buenos Aires, and quietly advises the Pope when the Bible provides little solace.

Yet, despite the demands of the simple world around him, Tedesco has found time to raise two kids, Cooper and Madelyn – one working on a cure for cancer, the other a poet laureate.

If you’re mind is bent toward excellence, Tedesco abides.