Mike Tedesco
It was this or me maxing out on the bench press at Venice Beach.

Mike Tedesco is Pittsburgh Planner

Mike Tedesco is Pittsburgh Planner. He spent his career in local economic development and urban planning and has administered approximately $500 million in community partnerships throughout the nation. Prior to launching Pittsburgh Planner, he spent six years with the Spokane Tribe of Indians, three of which as the tribe’s chief administrator, whereby he accomplished everything from winning a Presidential Promise Zone designation, to successfully influencing state and federal legislation, to constructing a $60 million gaming facility.

As a local civic executive, Tedesco has led the revitalization efforts of a former Rustbelt city, fought the good fight in a current Rustbelt city, managed local special districts, and set an isolated Colorado mountain town on the path toward becoming a full-fledged resort community. Along the way he also managed to publish a book on urban planning and economic development that is routinely utilized in college classrooms.

Mike has a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of Kansas. If your mind is bent toward excellence, Tedesco abides.